MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team)

ClassesMERT is the term we use for top-of-the line emergency care training for corporations and industry. The concept behind MERT is to form a dedicated group to respond to problems within a facility or company. MERT members take a one day (8 hour) program that teaches the most up to date first aid and resuscitation techniques and how to use the most high tech emergency equipment.

The MERT program includes a number of sub-programs that we often do independently. While MERT sessions will vary slightly from client to client, a few of the elements are standard:
Adult CPR Training:MERT participant will learn adult CPR techniques. These are resuscitation procedures for individuals age 8 and over.

AED: MERT participants are taught to use an Automated External Defibrillator.  Traditionally we train participants on the specific unit they will use.  We have a large number of AED trainers from the various manufacturers that we use to ensure that MERT members are comfortable using the device.

Basic First Aid Training: Of all the skills a MERT member might use, Basic First Aid techniques are the most likely to get used. The course includes management of injuries such as bleeding control and fractures, medical emergencies such as diabetic problems and seizures, as well as environmental emergencies such as heat exhaustion and poisoning.

Oxygen Therapy: The prompt application of emergency oxygen can often significantly lessen the damage done to patient during serious injury or medical emergency. The MERT program teaches use of an emergency oxygen kit and the various components used to deliver the therapy.

Bloodborne Pathogens: This short self-protection inservice covers the possibility of disease transmission during occupational emergencies. Relevant concerns, protective equipment, and regulations are discussed.

Pediatric CPR Training (optional): Extended MERT training can include pediatric CPR techniques and procedures for children from birth to age eight. It is particularly popular when MERT members have children. This module will extend class time an additional two hours.


  • Trained providers to meet (exceed) OSHA requirements.
  • Rapid response to life threatening illnesses or injuries that saves lives!
  • Team efficiency in providing care until EMS arrives.
  • Proper equipment to treat emergencies and proper training to use equipment.
  • Team Drills to hone skills and better prepare for when an emergency happens.
  • Team Morale: improved morale, because they know they are doing something important for themselves and co-workers.
  • Employee Morale: those not directly involved with the team see that management and co-workers are doing something for them --- keeping them safe!
  • Team members act as safety monitors: whether you have a safety compliance officer (or team), or this is new to your facility, team members are shown how to evaluate safety concerns and handle them in a proper manner.
  • Decreased insurance rates (in some cases): many insurance companies are providing discounts to employers who take a proactive attitude in employee safety & health.
  • Decreased lost work time: less injuries, and less lost (comp) time, because proper safety issues are addressed and proper care is rendered when an emergency happens!

Team Building
Our program is comprehensive and includes site-specific Training - Products - Services that your facility needs to operate a successful team.

  • Assess facility emergency care needs
  • Assist management in finding and motivating team members
  • Assist management in procuring proper equipment for the team
  • Assess placement of response equipment
  • Train team members site-specific for their requirements
  • Develop a facility wide response system
  • Introduce team to local EMS
  • Drill team members and involve co-workers (consider local EMS)
  • Follow-up on any incidents that occur
  • Available to answer any questions or concerns of team, management or employees

Courses Included:

  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Training Courses


Descriptions of Available Courses:

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BLENDED COURSES (Online+Training)

Medical Emergency Response Team

Medic First Aid Course Descriptions

OSHA Compliance Training

Pet First Aid

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